Great Northern Rail

Managing a new identity

With a new set of guidelines developed in collaboration with an external agency, I began work on consolidating these into 'live-design' executions. This means working out templates for posters and animations so that the new guidelines could get traction and all the work could appear uniform. across various media - whether created in house or by external agency.

Below are some examples of different approaches for 'sets' of posters., those released at the same time to reinforce a message.


Set of posters promoting improvements to the network

2017 Summer campaign: ideas over two messages

General customer messaging established and rolled out at re-branding. since this early project I have embraced and pushed design idea while keeping the feeling of the brand


Rolling out a re-brand

As with the Great Northern Rail re-branding above, I worked on the question of how to establish an emerging identity, in an engaging and playful way. I used the new guidelines to establish a consistent language with the brand for our information led posters - which in a station environment have traditionally been much more formal. Once the ideas were approved, I looked at creating a 'set' that would remain visually consistent in the station environment.

There's a really tight grid and set template behind these designs, as time wears on I looked at playing with these ideas further, but while retaining the strong brand element of the pink slash, type and positioning.


Chiropractic & Complimentary
Health Clinics

Brand development + Design +
Roll out via a range of media

This clinic had been running for 20 years when I began working with them on their identity. They were keen to promote themselves as safe, reliable and contemporary. In addition the directors were looking for an image that reflected their established practice move to a larger premises and open a second clinic.

Once this was established we began to roll the identity out through a range of media including signage, literature, web banners, photography  and promotional material.

Some examples can be seen in the slide-show on the right.

Light Night Canning Town

Branded project + Design +
Photography + Layout

Arts group The Brick Box are an amazing group of people who transform the way we think about (often run-down) urban spaces through events and performances .

Last Autumn the Brick Box hired me to produce a simple identity to support a festival of light held around an underpass in Canning Town. This was an open brief and a great project. Working closely with the team I created an identity that was simple, used light as a focus while keeping an urban feel.


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