Brighton - A sense of place

To me Brighton reflects a classic type of English culture – its been documented many times as the (post) Victorian seaside resort. These exist all over our island, and have slightly different flavours depending on where you are: Blackpool – the great northern resort, Camber – home of th ‘weekender’, Eastbourne – the retirement city which is neighbours to Beachy Head – where natural beauty meets exists (unnaturally?) alongside the Samaritans and clergy hoping to identify and save desperate souls.

I’ve been working in collaboration with a fellow photographer, the fantastic Eleonora Collini. Although our styles are quite different we like the same kind of subject matter. Our first serious outing to Brighton this July produced some fruitful results for both of us. Its an ongoing project that I have a lot of faith in, for my part I’m looking to capture how Brighton feels to me. These strange, fun, rich, disparate symbols of “Britishness” so far away from those feelings of London, Leeds, Glasgow or Manchester.


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