Since 2006 most of my day to day work has been layout based. The range is huge; including brochures, reports, catalogues, product guides and technical documents.


When producing these documents it's really important that both the client and the designer understand their common purpose.


Typically by asking:

  1. Who is the audience?
  2. What is the document trying to do (sell, inform etc)?
  3. When is it due - is it a short campaign or something that need to be around for a while?
  4. Where? How is it to be distributed, is your audience regional
  5. Is the format / type of document appropriate?


There follows a slideshow and a couple of sample projects and descriptions to add depth. For example; such as explaining the clients intended outcome or what made this project successful.





reVerb is a photography magazine prototype. I developed the layout, typography and identity of this magazine. You'll find some of the spreads in the slideshow below.

Opus Technologies / St George Project


This project was to design a brochure for St George Wharf Tower for
new-buy residents to sign up to the Opus system system.

The Opus system is a home control system, using touchscreens and remote controls to manage everything from blinds and air conditioning though to TV and music.

I wanted a bespoke feel to the brochure and arranged to take pictures inside the development to use in this promotion.

The benefits of this were:

  1. To make the partnership between Opus and St George appear seamless.
  2. To promote and define the product use in a 'Live" environment
    - which is always more convincing to the end user.
  3.  Partnership - To generate stock photography for both parties.

The resulting design and imagery was well received, as it felt it defined and promoted an unusual product.


Groundwork East - 6 page

This one is here because its a favourite of mine. I undertook this project while at Source Communications (2006), an agency that specialised in working for Not-for-Profit, Local Government and Charity clients. I was working with a very talented lead designer called Toby Leetham who had an understanding of type and layout I have only seen once since, I really feel working with him brought a new dimension to my approach to layout and type.



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