I was hired by Southern in a freelance capacity to support, create and implement the brand repositioning which began in Summer 2013.
I'm now on a year contract, continuing this work and designing a range of projects for in-house clients. Mostly posters.

On this page you'll see some of my work from this period.

Client-side roles are interesting as the briefs are only limited by a clients imagination, and take on many forms - however they must also fit the emerging brand guidelines.

I've brought a Illustrative style to some of the projects which has gone down well, it's most evident on the posters.

Awareness Campaign
Poster set

Illustration + Design + Layout

I devised this set of posters for a senior member of staff who wanted to raise awareness of Southern Railways investment in the infrastructure and commitment to their customers. Beginning by sketching designs to illustrate I then worked on a style that made them part of a set or family, as the posters would not necessarily be hung together.

East Croydon Station Mural

Design + Illustration

Working closely with Southerns Design Manager I drew up this 30m+ vinyl mural to cover the entrance to East Croydon train station.

The design reflects the breadth of Croydon residents through the changing seasons from the beginning of the year (far left top) through Summer (middle top) back to Winter (far right top).

This project also appears on the Exhibition and Large Format page of my site.


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