Although my specialty is print and layout It's impossible not to have some crossover with web work. As a result I've planned and created  WordPress sites, managed content and designed social media graphics and banners for various clients and employers.

Incidentally, my site was created using Adobe Muse, which is an excellent platform which offers creative freedom. I can thoroughly recommend it for designers with some web knowledge who are used to packages like InDesign, Illustrator or QuarkXPress.

Eatwise London


Design + Layout + Banners + Headers


I constructed this nutrition microsite using WordPress, it was created to promote this specialty within the Clerkenwellbeing clinic.



Yoga Clerkenwell


Design//Layout//Banners & Headers//


Yoga microsite designed and made using WordPress.

Again, this was created to promote this specialty within the Clerkenwellbieng clinic - but with its own identity.

The end purpose of these sites was for contents to be managed by the clinic manager.



Social Media Graphics



This set was made for the Gatwick Express 30th birthday promotion. I worked on the wreath badge taking into account the constraints of the social formatting; how would it view when the page loaded, room for text size and upload constraints. This was supported by the web-banner adverts and Social Media competition pictures  below:


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